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About Us

Founded in 2004, SASAtrend provides distribution services, in the European and North American markets, for over 15 international brands encompassing fashion, accessories and lifestyle.



Headquartered in Aachen (Germany) and New York (USA) with focus on global Trends & Markets

SASAtrend is an independent, privately held distribution company based in Aachen, Germany, with offices in Europe and North America.

SASAtrend currently provides distribution services in the European, North American and selected markets for over 15 international brands spanning fashion, accessories and lifestyle.

As the link between consumers and suppliers, we are on the cutting edge of key markets and sources for emerging brands and trends. Our leading presence in the European and North American markets allows us to be a major player on both continents.  


Our activities including purchasing, logistics, sales, marketing and distribution are handled and managed from computerized distribution centers in Germany and in the USA.

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Family-owned business

Brothers Sassan and Sandjar Safay founded SASAtrend with the aim to introduce new trends and ideas to the global retail and consumer markets. Their unique portfolio of fashion and lifestyle brands sets them aside as a leading distributor in the global market.

Sassan Safay co-founder and managing partner:
"As a distributor we are uniquely positioned as our diverse portfolio of brands covers many different retail categories: fashion, home, gifts, beauty, design and many more across the wide retail spectrum - from small to large - off and online stores. This allows us to cover the full spectrum of retail and maximize revenue potential for our brands and partners."

Management Team


We are happy of having a loyal workforce with flat hierarchy. The management team of
Sassan Safay (Co-Founder & CEO),
Judith Aschenbruck (VP of Operations),
Dr. Sara Safay (VP of Branding & Marketing) and Sandjar Safay (Co-Founder & CEO).

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